July 29, 2017

Our Service

Angkor Micro-finance provide two kinds of loans:

  • Group Loan (GL)
  • Individual Loan (IL)
  • Agriculture Loan (AL)
  • Business Loan (BL)

Each of loan products we required a very minimum requirements in order to get loan approval.

Loan Requirements: 

  • Must be a Myanmar Citizenship with NRC Cards.
  • Must have a permanent address within regions of Angkor Microfinance Operation area.
  • At lease 18 year old.
  • Having own business, or working with certify letter from work place.
  • Must have ability to repayment.
  • At lease 5 peoples in group

ANGKOR make it easy

To apply for an Angkor Loan, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

‣  Talk to Angkor’s staff or any member of the village association committee located in your village.
‣  Enter into a join-liability group ranging from 3 to 6 members.
‣  Request a specific amount and arrange terms that are catered to your needs.
‣  Agree to the loan terms & conditions.